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If you pay attention to the advertisements of the yesteryears, then you will see that the advertisers pay attention to the contents of humor and emotion. These elements are not like any of the items that people will skip. People used to take more of these elements than any other things. These are the average likelihood that people will never skip. The main aim of producing the thing is to make it salable among the everyday people to earn a profit. Therefore, you must focus on humor and emotion.
It is challenging to predict that whether the product that has been advertised will make a mark or not? But as a marketer, you must follow these points of advertising. No one knows the condition of the market the very next day. You must, therefore, be ready to face any odds. The main aim of making these types of advertising is to bring in front what the people want and what are you providing them. If these two things mix matched, then you will see that you overcome fear.
Advertising is an integral part of sales and marketing. It is the surrogate way of making people aware of your product and also creates a desire among people.